Bachelors in Media Studies

Bachelors in Media Studies

Duration: 4 Years
No. of Semesters: 8

Eligibility: HSC, A levels or equivalent (see admission policy for details)

The Bachelors in Media Studies program we offer provides maximum flexibility for students in terms of concentrations offered.
Our courses provide a practical hands-on learning experience along with the highly crucial conceptual and aesthetic
knowledge needed in the field of media.

BMS Curriculum – Semester Wise
Category No. of Courses Credit Hours
Mandatory Courses1337
Common Optional824
S.No. CodeTitleCr HrsCategory Pre-requisites
Semester 1
1MDS111Introduction to Mass Communication3Core 
2MDS112Introduction to Multimedia3Core 
3MDS113Fundamentals of Design3Core 
4HUM111Functional English3Mandatory 
5CSC111Introduction to Information and Communications Technology3Mandatory 
6HMT121Islamic Studies2Mandatory 
Semester 2
7MDS121Photography3CoreIntroduction to Multimedia
8MDS122Drawing and Perspective3CoreFundamentals of Design
9HUM121Academic Writing & Professional Writing3MandatoryFunctional English
10HMT122Pakistan Studies2Mandatory 
11HUM112Personal Development3Mandatory 
12HUM113Introduction to Sociology3Mandatory 
Semester 3
13MDS231Digital Illustration & Manipulation3CoreIntroduction to Multimedia
14HUM231Communication Skills3MandatoryAcademic Writing
15HUM232Ethics and Social Responsibility3Mandatory 
16SSC231World History3Mandatory 
17 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
18 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
Semester 4
19MDS241Digital Audio & Video3CoreIntroduction to Multimedia
20MDS242Camera & Lighting Techniques3CorePhotography
21BUS241Introduction to Entrepreneurship3Mandatory 
22HUM233Introduction to Philosophy & Critical Thinking3Mandatory 
23HUM241World Literature3Mandatory 
24 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
Semester 5
25MDS351Social Media & Internet Marketing3CoreIntroduction to Entrepreneurship
26MDS352Aesthetics of Editing 3CoreDigital Audio & Video
28 Elective 3Elective 
29 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
30 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
Semester 6
31MDS361Media Research3CoreIntroduction to Mass Communication
32MDS362Internship*3CoreDigital Audio & Video
33 Elective 3Elective 
34 Elective 3Elective 
35 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
36 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
Semester 7
37MDS471Project I*3CoreInternship
38MDS472Writing for Mass Media3CoreCommunication Skills
39MDS473Media Culture and Law3CoreInternship
40 Elective 3Elective 
41 Elective 3Elective 
42 Elective 3Elective 
Semester 8
43MDS481Project II*3CoreThesis 1
44 Elective 3Elective 
45 Elective 3Elective 
46 Common Optional – Other Department3Common Optional 
  Total Credit Hours 136   
Note: Students can choose an elective from any stream within BMS subject to completion of prerequisites
Note: A student will take minimum 1 course from each common optional category and then maximum 3 more from each common optional category (cannot take a course from their own department)
* Grades for Internship, Project I and Project II will be awarded with either a “P” (Pass) or “F” (Fail) grade

List of Electives

Sr. No.CodeBMS Electives Course TitleYearArea
1ADV362Brand Management3Advertising
2ADV363Principles of Advertising3Advertising
3ADV364Digital Design3Advertising
4ADV365Copywriting & Visualization4Advertising
5ADV471Packaging & Printing4Advertising
6ADV472Event Management4Advertising
7ADV473Media Planning & Buying4Advertising
8ADV481Client Service & Account Management4Advertising
9ADV482Media Design4Advertising
10ANM3643D Animation Design I3Animation
11ANM365Life Drawing3Animation
12ANM3662D & Traditional Animation3Animation
13ANM471Digital Compositing4Animation
14ANM472Concept Art4Animation
15ANM473Character Design4Animation
16ANM4743D Animation Design II4Animation
17ANM483Visual Effects4Animation
18NewStoryboarding & Digital Painting3Film & TV
19FTV367Storytelling & Scriptwriting3Film & TV
20FTV368Art Direction & Film Design3Film & TV
21FTV361History of Film, TV & Animation4Film & TV
22FTV365Production4Film & TV
23FTV474Direction4Film & TV
24FTV482Broadcasting4Film & TV
25FTV483Sound Design & Recording4Film & TV
26NewDocumentary Writing & Direction4Film & TV
27NewNews & TV Studio Production4Film & TV
28NewTVC Production4Film & TV
29MCM361News Writing & Reporting3Mass Comm
30MCM362Media & Politics3Mass Comm
31MCM363Online Journalism3Mass Comm
32MCM364Public Relations4Mass Comm
33MCM471Feature Column Writing4Mass Comm
34MCM472Sub-Editing4Mass Comm
35MCM473Broadcast Journalism4Mass Comm
36MCM481Investigative Journalism4Mass Comm
37PFA361Improvization  I3Performing Arts
38PFA362Movement I3Performing Arts
39PFA363Voice3Performing Arts
40PFA481Introduction to Music4Performing Arts
41PFA482Improvization  II4Performing Arts
42PFA483Movement II4Performing Arts
43PFA471Script Analysis4Performing Arts
44PFA472Rehearsals & Performance4Performing Arts
45PFA473Advanced Acting4Performing Arts