BS in Telecommunication & Networks

Telecommunication and Networks is a discipline related to the application of engineering tools to solve telecommunication problems in business organizations and industries. The undergraduate Telecommunication program has been developed to serve the needs of the modern society by training students who want to be specialized in Telecommunication system analysis and telecommunication software development. Furthermore, the program aims to prepare the students for self and life-long learning, the skills that are necessary for the students to keep up with the current technologies and remain proficient throughout their careers. Our BS program in Telecommunication and Networks concentrates on communication skills in a variety of communication techniques, networking, wireless communication, and digital communication. Hands on experience with various real life systems and software packages, such as SystemView and MATLAB are an integral part of the program. In addition, the present curriculum covers Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and English language skills.

The Telecommunications undergraduate degree curriculum has been designed to produce graduates with the following qualities:
  1. Solid technical foundation that prepares the students well both for their careers and their advanced studies.
  2. Capability to apply professional knowledge effectively to entrepreneurial activities and industrial applications.
  3. Leadership and ethics necessary to maintain the credibility of the Telecommunication profession as a whole and ensure that the students participate in the process of developing the country with a sense of commitment and responsibility.
Curriculum Plan and Model
Category CrHr Description
University Requirements 30 Required by IUIC student
Department Requirements 20 Only required for BSTN students
Core Courses 71 Core Telecommunication and Network
courses Specialization courses
Technical Electives 12 Specialization courses
Free Elective 6 These courses can be taken from any other department at IUIC.
Total 139
Note: Internship of 6-8 week is a compulsory part of the program.

Semester Plan
  • Semester 1
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
ASC100 Pre Calculus 3 None
ASC102 Mechanics 4 None
TLC101 Introduction to telecom & networks 3 None
HMT101 English – I 3 None
CSC101 Introduction to Computer Science and programming 4 None
Total 17
  • Semester 2
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
CSC102 Computer Programming 4 CSC101
ASC101 Calculus – I 3 ASC100
TLC112 Basic Electrical Engineering 4 None
ASC202 Electricity & Magnetism 4 ASC102
HMT102 English – II 3 HMT101
Total 18
  • Semester 3
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
TLC331 Electronics 4 TLC112
TLC231 Circuit Analysis 4 TLC 112
CSC211 Data Structures & Algorithms 4 CSC012
HMT105 Pakistan & Islamic Studies 3 None
ASC201 Calculus – II 3 ASC101
Total 18
  • Semester 4
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
ASC341 Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis 3 ASC101
TLC351 Electromagnetic Theory 3 ASC202
CSC212 Digital Logic Design 4 TLC112
TLC261 Computer Communication & Networks 4 TLC101
ACT211 Principles of Accounting 3 None
Total 17
  • Semester 5
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
TLC341 Signals and Systems 4 ASC201
CSC242 Computer Architecture 4 CSC212
MGT201 Principles of Management 3 None
HMT302 Psychology 3 None
ASC304 Probability & Statistics 3 ASC201
Total 17
  • Semester 6
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
TLC442 Digital Signal Processing 4 TLC341
TLC465 Network Programming & Computer Protocols 4 TLC261
HMT311 Language Proficiency 3 HMT102
TLC361 Communication System 4 TLC341
Free Elective – I 3 None
Total 18
  • Semester 7
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
TLC469 Digital Communication 4 TLC361
HMT401 Research Methods and Skills 3 None
Technical Elective-I 3 None
Technical Elective-II 3 None
TLC461 Telecommunication Switching 3 TLC341
TLC499 Final Project I 3
Total 19
  • Semester 8
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
Technical Elective-III 3 None
Technical Elective-IV 3 None
Free Elective – II 3
HMT 301 Sociology 3 None
TLC499 Final Project – II 3 TLC499 (P-I)
Total 15
  • Technical Electives
(Choose any four courses) : 12 CrHr
Course Title
TLC468 Satellite Communications 3
TLC482 ASIC Design 3
TLC467 Optical Communication 3
TLC471 Control Systems 3
TLC462 Integrated Services over IP 3
TLC493 Special Topics in Communication 3
TLC443 Digital Image Processing 3
TLC466 Wireless Communications 3
TLC469 Advanced Computer Network 3
TLC481 Microprocessor Interfacing 3
TLC483 Embedded Systems 3
CSC412 Advanced Network Security 3
CSC417 Computer Graphics 3
CSC463 Neural Networks 3
CSC428 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3
CSC481 Mobile Application Development 3
TLC 490 Computer Vision 3