Business Administration


To be among the Leading Business Schools of the Country by 2015 and to be among the World Class Leading Business Schools by 2020.

Mission Statement

To prepare students for the leadership positions in public and private sectors with set of managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities attained through the curricula, research and field knowledge along with cross cultural tolerance and empathy for making organizational effectiveness resulting in prosperous society.


The Department of Business Administration offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in the field of Business and Management to serve a diverse population in the competitive, dynamic and global environment. Faculty and staff are committed to continuous improvement of our academic and community programs to better serve our customers. The Department is committed to an overall balance among teaching, scholarly activity, and liaison with the business industry. The Department promotes mutual respect, professional development, ethical conduct, freedom of inquiry & expression, and equal opportunity.


To offer quality programs that produce graduates valued by the business and academic communities.
To continuously improve teaching through application of new technologies and by applying latest methodologies.
To offer programs and develop partnerships that gives us a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.
To develop an overall management perspective and philosophy.
To cultivate an innovative, creative spirit with an ability to adapt to change.

Target Audience?

This program is for forward-thinking individuals with exposure to business processes worldwide and who are trained in teamwork and leadership. At the same time, we demand that our students be able to analyze the most difficult business problems in terms that address the bottom line.

The IQRA experience sets the tone for the success of our students because we know our students will set the tone of the global business environment for times to come.

Students who want to develop relevant skills and feel they are prepared to adapt concepts and ideas to fit in the challenges of globalization, are strongly recommended to consider this program.