Doctor of Philosophy in Telecommunication and Networks

Total Credit Hours: 36
Total Courses: 18 (+18 Thesis)
Semester: 6

Duration: Minimum 3 Years


PhD(TN) Curriculum Plan
 Credit Hours Courses
Core Courses62
Research work / Thesis186+Research Work


Core Courses
CodeCourse Title CrHrs
EE 701Advanced Research Methods3
EE 716Advanced Digital Communications3
EE 738
Mathematical Methods in Communication3
EE 719Random Processes (aka Stochastic Processes )3
EE 721Advanced Digital Signal Processing3


Elective Courses
CodeCourse Title CrHrs
EE 711
Signal Processing3
EE 723
Wireless Communications3
EE 712
Communications Networks3
EE 713
Advanced Network Security3

EE 714
Digital Technologies in Telecommunications3
EE 715
Error Cont rol coding ( aka Channel Coding)3
EE 718
Spread Spectrum Communication System3
EE 719
Random Process ( aka Stochastic Processes)3
EE 720
Information Theory3
EE 722
Adaptive Filter Theory3
EE 724
MIMO Wireless Communication3
EE 725
Detection and Estimation Theory3
EE 726
Mathematical Methods & Algorithms for Signal Processing3
EE 727

Nano technology & Application in Telecommunications3
EE 728
Semiconductors for Micro & Nanotechnology3
EE 729
Nano Electronics3
EE 730
RF & Antenna Design3
EE 731
Communication Protocol Engineering3
EE 732
Queuing Theory3
EE 733
Time Frequency Analysis3
EE 734
Digital Image Processing3
EE 735
Advanced Communication Systems3
EE 736
S pecial Topics in Electronics3
EE 737
Special Topic in Communication3
EE 738
Advanced Signal Processing Techniques for Communication System3

PhD(Telecommunication and Networks) Semester Plan


CodeCourse Title CrHrs
Year 1 Semester 1
1EE 7XXCore –I3
2EE 7XXCore -II3


Year 1 Semester 2
3EE 7XXElective-I3
4EE 7XXElective-II3
Year 2 Semester 3
5EE 7XXElective –III3
6EE 7XXElective –IV3
Year 2&3 Semester 4,5,6
7 Comprehensive Examination and Research Proposal