IQRA University Islamabad
Guest Speaker
Mr. Ahmed Tahir Masood, DPE Lead at Microsoft, Pakistan
Topic for Seminar
HEC Microsoft: Academic Outreach Program in Iqra University
Date & Time
27th November, 2013- 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
HEC-Microsoft collaboration is complementing value in the education landscape of Pakistan by launching initiatives and executing programs that benefit faculties and students; to drive these programs participation from the academicians can yield good results. Dr. Zunera Jalil, Head Computing & Technology Department invited Mr. Ahmed Tahir Masood to brief faculty and students about this program and launch Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 at Iqra University Islamabad Campus.

Details of the Seminar
The guest speaker along with two other guests was welcomed by Dr. Zunera Jalil, Head of Computing & Technology department. The seminar then started at 4:20 pm. The speaker briefed the audience about HEC-Microsoft alliance, its programs and initiatives for faculty and students. Students and faculty were briefed about Microsoft Imagine Cup and its last few years success stories were shared. Mr. Tahir encouraged students to participate in upcoming Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 event. He also told the audience about the benefits which can be sought through this collaboration and encouraged students to apply for Microsoft Student Partner position from Iqra University. A very informative question answer session held at the end.
The guest was awarded with shield souvenirs by Dr. Zunera Jalil with a vote of thanks. The session was followed by a meeting of guests with the Dean and faculty of Computing & Technology Department.
Next Action
To be part of HEC-Microsoft alliance