Alumni Award for Professional Excellence/Institution Building

The Alumni Award recognizes outstanding excellence in leadership, knowledge and professional practice. The Alumni Award is the highest honor of the University’s Alumni Awards.

Nominees must comply with the following selection criteria

  • Hold a minimum undergraduate Bachelor degree from Iqra University Islamabad Campus
  • Demonstrate substantial and significant professional contribution to the national/global community through the following:
  • Leadership, recognition and standing within their field or profession
  • Advancement of knowledge including research and development in the related knowledge context
  • Advancement of professional practice.

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Alumni Award for Exceptional Community Service

The Exceptional Community Service Award recognizes the work of an outstanding community member who has made a significant impact, and has enhanced the reputation of Iqra University and its relationship with the wider community. A recipient could have enriched society through their work in community fundraising, establishing arts and culture, and embedding sustainability models in local society.

Nominees must comply with the following selection criteria:

  • Be part of the Iqra University Islamabad Campus’s alumni community
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the University and its community through one or more of the following:
  • Exchange knowledge and contribute to the development, prosperity and social capital in the region where they reside
  • Enhance opportunities for students to participate in business/ industry/ public service and community based programs
  • Expand opportunities for engagement between the University and its community.

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