We are facing an extraordinary situation. How long will this situation persist? Nobody has a definitive answer. Both the safety and career of students are important. The business as usual approach cannot be adopted during these circumstances. Stay home stay safe approach is the best for safety. The future of thousands of students is at stake because of the prevailing uncertainty. HEC has allowed online teaching to save the time and career of thousands of students. The online teaching can help us protect the career of thousands of students. Like many other national institutions of higher learning, Iqra University Islamabad Campus is starting online teaching on April 6, 2020.

The students who cannot participate in the online teaching for any reason must submit an application (i.e., email or message) with full details, including the Full Name, Registration No., the latest telephone No., the postal address, the address where there are residing at the moment, etc. In such cases, we will try to address the problems which students might confront. The applications (i.e., email and message) without these details will not be entertained. The email address is: lms@iqraisb.edu.pk 

In cases where the students would not complete online courses for any reason, they will be accommodated in the summer or regular semesters in the future. All this accommodation has to be done keeping in view the administrative requirements and the smooth functioning of the summer and regular semesters for the existing and new students in 2020 or afterwards. It will not be possible for the University to disrupt the regular schedule of future semesters in 2020 or afterwards.