Vice President

I am pleased to welcome you to Iqra University, Islamabad Campus. This website will help you in making one of the most crucial decisions of your life. That is, how and where to begin the next stage of your education? In this modern age, you have no better option but to join a right institution of higher learning for your further education.

The right choice is not just about finding the courses one likes; it is also about choosing a specific program and the institution. Of course, such decision can fundamentally transform your future. In other words, it is your future that begins to unfold the moment you make this decision.

Iqra University, Islamabad Campus, is pursuing the noble mission of imparting quality education in a value-adding environment that grooms students to become responsible citizens of society. In this context, this website introduces you to the details of the courses offered in each academic programme so as to enable you to make a considered decision about you career and more importantly the role that you intend to play in society,

We at Iqra are gradually working to build sound traditions of research and teaching on all our academic programmes. We offer diversified and well thought-out programmes of study supported with elaborate state of the art facilities. I am pleased to stat that Iqra University enjoys a fine reputation within and outside Pakistan; at international level, all schools and universities of repute around the world accept its credits. Most importantly, we cherish an environment of mutual cooperation and team spirit; we all, faculty, stuff and students, work in unison to achieve the common purpose of grooming students to become socially responsible citizens of the globalizing world.

We take pride in meeting needs of both the students and the market. We seek to ensure that the process of teaching and learning at Iqra culminates into development of students into well-rounded and balanced personalities with knowledge and wisdom to face the fast changing world.

I wish you a very happy future.

Dr. Muhammad Islam
Vice President
Iqra University