1.  Duration of the Midterm exam is exactly 90 minutes and duration of the Final Term exam
 is exactly 120 minutes. Initial 15 extra minutes for preparation have been removed.

2.  Admit cards in respect of all eligible candidates admitted to the examination, will be hosted
on IUIC website, it will be total responsibility of the students to download and print admit
cards from the IUIC website.

3.  Mobile phones and other electronic devices such as smart watches are not allowed in the
examination halls. Switch your cell phones off and do not leave them on
mute/vibration/offline mode. You will keep your mobile phone in your bag. If anyone’s
cell phone is found switched on, it will be considered as attempt of cheating.

4.   All answers intended for the examinations must be written on both sides of the pages of the
Answer Scripts and not on one side only. Supplement will be provided only when the
candidate has fully written out on both sides of the pages of the Answer Script.

5.  No loose paper will be provided to use for rough work and no paper is to be brought in for
the purpose. All work must be done in the answer script provided and the pages used for
rough work or calculation(s) must be struck out by drawing a line through each page so
used from top to bottom and no page should be torn out.

6.  Mark your attendance on the attendance sheet during the examinations. In case, your name
is not listed, you need to report to invigilator immediately.

7.  Please ensure that the answer book /continuation sheets are signed by the invigilator. An
unsigned answer book / continuation sheet may jeopardize its credibility.

8.  Serial number of the answer book must be entered on the attendance sheet.

9.  Write your Roll no, Subject, Class and section properly in the spaces provided on the top
of the answer book. Serial no of all continuation sheets used must be entered properly in
the spaces provided on the answer book.

10.  Candidates are forbidden to write any answer or anything else on the question paper or any
material or carry away any writing from the examinations hall.

11.  No Candidate will be allowed to leave examination hall until half time has elapsed from
the time when the question paper is given, or re-enter examination hall after leaving it, after
finally giving his/her answer book.

12.  Requirements like use of washroom etc. must be fulfilled prior to entering the examination
hall. A student CANNOT GO TO WASHROOM after start of the exam.

13.  To draw the attention of the invigilator the candidate may simply raise hand without making
any noise or disturbance.

14.  A candidate while in the examinations shall not help or try to help any other candidate nor
obtain or try to get help from any other candidate. Communication of any sort between
candidate and any other person, inside or outside the examinations hall is strictly
prohibited. Stringent punishment will be meted out to students who are found in possession
of notes, books, scribbling or making any attempt to use unfair means.

15.  Candidates are advised to ensure that on the day of examinations they arrive 15 minutes
before the start of examinations.

16.  No students shall be admitted to the examinations hall/room after the half time from the
start of the examinations and no extra time shall be given.

17.  Personal belongings of students including books, pencil cases and bags, etc. shall be left in
the place designated for this purpose at the examinations hall without any responsibility to

18.  Each student is required to place his/her Admit Card/ID card on the desk in the
examinations hall for the duration of his/her examinations. Attempts at impersonation of
any candidate shall lead to cancellation of examinations.

19.  Borrowing of stationery is strictly not allowed during the examinations.

20. No student shall be allowed to sit in a section other than the section in which he/she is
originally registered.

21.  Candidates will fill all the information on the answer scripts along with their signature.

22.   Arrange your answer books, objective part, continuation sheets and staple it properly before

23.  When the Invigilator announces the end of the examinations, the students shall stop writing
immediately and remain seated silently until permitted to leave the examinations hall by
the Invigilator.

24.  Any type of calculator may be used provided that the calculator is hand held, battery
operated or solar-powered, noiseless and has no facility for the storage of alphabetical
information other than hexadecimal numbers.

25.  Calculators must be available for inspection by the Invigilators.

26.  No other electronic aids are permitted such as mobile phones/digital diaries etc. in the
examinations hall. Any student found possessing these electronic aids shall be liable to
cancellation of that paper, removal from Examinations hall, suspension for next semester,
and/or expulsion from University.

27.  E-cigarettes/Vape and vaporizer pens- tobacco or smoking-related products are strictly
prohibited in the campus examination halls.