Scholarship Policy at IQRA University


The vision of Iqra University is to educate more and more Pakistani’s supporting them to spend their lives in a proper and prosperous manner. Iqra University, supports its students throughout their educational journey via scholarship for tuition fee, fee payment plans and interest free educational loans. Policy parameters are designed to provide a holistic educational experience, acknowledging merit, promoting talent, and handholding the financially weak.

Available Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Iqra University offers a diverse range of scholarships and financial assistance opportunities, based on multiple performance and need based eligibility criteria. The level of financial support may range from 10% to 100% subject to the fulfilment of designed policy parameters and qualifying CGPA with full course load for following available Scholarships and Financial Assistance Programs.

  1. Merit Based Scholarship
  2. Talent Based Scholarship
  3. Alumni Scholarship
  4. Loyalty Scholarship
  5. Faculty & Staff Scholarship
  6. Need Based Scholarship
  7. Financial Assistance and Differently Abled Student Scholarship
  8. Collaborations

University has the right to make changes, withdraw or reduce the scholarships and / or financial assistance, as and when thought appropriate at its sole discretion, without notifying or consulting with any stakeholder(s). The decision of the university is final and binding upon the students and can’t be challenged with respect to any scholarship and financial assistance offered. The university reserves the right to restrict the number of the student offered scholarship and financial assistance, to introduce additional steps/criteria/interviews/tests, etc., at any time, without any notice or consultation at its sole discretion.

These Scholarships and Financial Assistance are subject to the availability of Funds as allocated by Iqra University at its sole discretion. Students can avail only one scholarship at a time, which is financially most favorable to the student.

Merit Based Scholarship

Iqra University acknowledges the past academic performance of students under different disciplines, and provide them full chance to improve and earn a better scholarship in the University at the time of admission in any of the campuses of Iqra University. These scholarships are purely merit based with following parameters:

1. Scholarship at Admission Stage based on Prior Academics & Admission Test Performance:

Iqra University acknowledges the past academic performance (Eligibility Education) of students, while conducting its own admission tests at its various campuses. Admission test is designed to gauge the suitability of the potential candidates in relevant courses / programs offered by the University.

Previous Academics Performance {FA / FSC / “A’ Level or equivalent}:

Even if the student has relatively lower performance in the previous academics, the option created by the University gives him / her a chance to earn a scholarship subject to the fact that student has secured at least 45% marks with no subject with less than 40% marks in his / her previous academic qualification. Following two options are designed on the cumulative basis with a ceiling of 35% for the 1st Semester Tuition Fee Only.

Sr.No.Marks Obtained (%)Scholarship Offered for Intermediate/A-levels ResultScholarship Offered for Iqra University Admission Test Result
150% - 60%5%5%
2> 60% - 70%10%5%
3> 70% - 75%15%10%
4> 75% - 80%20%15%
5> 80% - 85%25%20%
6> 85%30%25%

*Past Academic Performance at the time of admission & Iqra University Admission Test Results marks. These two will settle the total cumulative scholarship %age to be applied subject to maximum ceiling of 35%.

Previous Academics Performance {Graduate}:

Sr.No.DescriptionMarks Obtained (CGPA/Equivalent %)Scholarship Offered (Tuition Fee Only)
1Previous Degree Performance>3.8050%
2Previous Degree Performance3.60-3.8040%
3Previous Degree Performance3.50-3.6020%
  • Above merit-based scholarship is valid ONLY for 1st Semester with full course load.

12 / 15 Cr. Hr. for undergraduate programs

12 Cr. Hr. for graduate programs

09 Cr. Hr. programs where limited courses are offered.

  • From 2nd Semester onwards, student is eligible to avail other academic and non-academic scholarships, if he / she qualifies for the same as per performance criteria set by the respective policy document of the University.

Note: 1st Semester Scholarship, based on prior academic performance & entry test results at the time of admission will not be available to the students in forthcoming semesters.

  • Student can avail only one scholarship at a time, which is most favorable to the student.

Performance-Based Scholarships:

Iqra University offers scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding performance in their studies. Scholarships are awarded on a semester basis, and the list of scholarship holders is announced after the result declaration. The scholarship amounts and eligibility criteria are as follows:

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the scholarships, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum semester course load of 15 credit hours for Bachelor’s students and 12 credit hours for Master’s students.
  2. Maintaining a CGPA of 3.5 or above.
  3. No disciplinary proceedings pending against the student.

The total number of scholarships awarded will not exceed 10% of the total number of students enrolled in that particular program in a semester. If the number of applicants exceeds 10%, a merit list will be prepared based on the eligibility criteria.

Scholarship Ceremony:

To honor and appreciate the hard work and achievements of our high-achieving students, a scholarship ceremony is held every semester. During this ceremony, parents are invited to join the celebration, and students are recognized for their outstanding performance. The following accolades are awarded:

  1. Certificates of achievement
  2. Shields as a symbol of recognition
  3. Cash awards to further motivate and support their educational journey

Graduation Requirements:

All students are required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 to be eligible for graduation. It is essential to clear any deficiencies in their academic record and settle all outstanding dues. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be issued their degrees and final transcripts.

Note: The scholarship policy and details mentioned above are subject to change. Students are advised to stay updated with the latest information provided by the university administration.