Importance of the Student Society

Students play important role in the development of educational institutions through their participations in the curricular and extra-curricular activities. The students of this University have brought many laurels to the campus in the past 10 years by taking part in different events. The students of Iqra University are highly motivated and aware about their role in the developmental process of the University. Iqra University strongly encourages students to take part in regional, national and international levels events during their studies. The University has created a number of student societies which provide platform to the students to ensure their participations in different events.

Rules and Regulations

A student council is formed for each society which consists of four student members (including the Chief Organizer). Members of the student council will be selected through a transparent and structured process. All interested students apply for the membership in the council using a self explanatory form using the following rules and regulations:

Student member

  1. Membership Term (duration) is one year. All members will need to go through the selection process by the expiry of their term (i.e., completion of one year).
  2. Student can hold membership for maximum of two terms.
  3. Student can have membership in the council of only one society at a time.
  4. Student member in the council should not be on academic probation (was never on academic probation).
  5. Student member in the council should not be involved in any activity and never part of any action which lead to a disciplinary action against him or her.

Policy for the appointment of Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisor

  1. Faculty member cannot be advisory for more than two societies at a time (if he/she is advisor for two societies then preferably one at the Dept. and the other at the campus levels).
  2. The role of the Faculty advisor is limited to only provide guidance and support at the conceptual level rather than at the operational level. Faculty advisor will not necessary to be involved in the day-to-day affairs of the society.

Mechanism to elect the student council (Selection Process)

  1. Interested students are required to apply for the membership in the council following the above rule and regulations.
  2. Forms will be submitted to the Vice President office on or before the date specified for this purpose.
  3. Vice President office will obtain reference about each students.
  4. Students’ application will be verified to check that the student was never on probation or involved in malfunction at the campus.
  5. Candidates will be short listed.
  6. Interview will be arranged for all short listed students.
  7. Based on the interview and other information, a final merit will be displayed and appoint student for the Council.
  8. Vice President or his nominee (or a committee constituted for this purpose) will be the final authority for the approval of the student member and faculty advisory.