The Gold Medal Award Criteria

Gold Medal Award Criteria is as follows:

i. Gold medal will be awarded to the students program wise and for the period
announced. The gold medal(s) will be distributed amongst the students
registered for the convocation.

ii. The gold medal will be awarded to the student who secures the highest CGPA
in particular degree program with no “F” grade during the whole academic

iii. The gold medal will be awarded to a student having no disciplinary

iv. If the student does not complete the degree within the prescribed time, he/she
will not be eligible for the award of gold medal.

v. The gold medal will not be awarded to transfer students of universities other
than Iqra University who transferred more than 10% of the total credit hours.

vi. Inter Campus Transferees will be eligible for a gold medal.

vii. In case of a tie between two or more students on their CGPA, the total marks
obtained during the whole academic period covering the mandatory course
requirements should be considered as the tie-breaking criterion.

viii. In case the tie persists, two or more gold medals, as the case may be, should
be awarded.