1. The assessment will be divided into two parts: a) Ongoing Assessment; and b) Final Exam (Take Home)
  2. The weightage of ongoing assessment will be 60%-75% marks; and the weightage of final exam (Take Home) will be 25%–40% marks.
  3. The ongoing assessment may include the following: assignments (individual/group activities, project and/or case study), quiz(es), class participation, any other work assigned by the teacher with the approval of HoD/Director of the Campus.
  4. The student who has missed any ongoing assessment can contact any one of the following: Concerned faculty member, Head of Department, Controller of Examination, Registrar
  5. Best assignments and quizzes will be counted.
  6. Students can access their final exam (Take Home) on June 15, 2020, at the Google Classroom.
  7. The submission deadlines for each final exam (Take Home) will be available in the respective course folder on the Google Classroom.
  8. A student will have the option to appear for the final exam (Take Home) or opt for “I grade.” Iqra University will not charge any additional fee from the student who opts for “I grade.”