1. Attendance in person, at all prescribed and elective lectures and seminars is mandatory. Maximum of 20% absences are allowed in a subject to cater for emergencies, sickness etc. There is no provision of leaves in excess of the allowance mentioned above. 20% or more absences in a subject will result in ‘F’ grade in that subject. Any student, who fails to comply with the rules, forfeits the right to appear at the examination in the course concerned. Such a situation shall earn the student ‘F’ (failure) in the course.

2. The students who join the semester late because of any reason shall be marked absent for the previous classes. In case, more than 20% of the sessions have been completed by the faculty the student shall earn ‘F’ Grade.

3. In addition to punctuality and meeting the prescribed attendance requirements, each student is required to actively participate in the class and complete their assignments on time