Social Sciences

Development Studies is an emerging and interdisciplinary program of study in Pakistan where students are exposed to the major issues and theories of development. In the course of study students are provided with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary development issues.Both the Bachelor and Master’s program focus on the development processes in less developed countries, newly industrializing economies and the developed nations. The core theory modules and compulsory courses provide students with theoretical and disciplinary foundations. It enables them to handle advanced and analysis of the problems faced by specific regions, social groups and countries in the world.

Our broad based and carefully constructed degree programs prepare students for an exciting range of jobs. Our students are suitable candidates for employment in national & international organizations operating in development sector, journalism, state agencies, academic institutions and NGOs. The field of International Relations introduces students to interactions among states and non-state actors and the forces that shape these interactions. This program focuses not only on the traditional issues of war, peace, trade, investment, and technology transfer, but also on non-traditional issues of human rights, justice, governance, democratic development, gender, environment, and global development. In both Bachelor and Master’s program we offer students a combination of theoretical and empirical study of international politics with a focus on developing countries and their relations with the developed nations.