Program Duration

5 Years (10 semesters)

Credit Hours

198 Cr. Hrs.

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy at IQRA University, Islamabad Campus. Our Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) program is designed for students who are passionate about pursuing a rewarding career in the field of health and pharmaceutical sciences. Whether you have a medical background or a keen interest in healthcare, our program offers a comprehensive education that prepares you to excel in various professional roles.At IQRA University, we are committed to providing high-quality education with a strong focus on practical experience and technical exposure. Our department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge facilities, and advanced resources that are regularly updated to keep pace with international advances in pharmaceutical sciences. We strive to ensure that our students gain the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

Program Objectives and Outcomes:

Our innovative and student-centered curriculum is designed to nurture professional skills and behaviors essential for healthcare practitioners. By enrolling in our Pharm. D. program, you will develop interdisciplinary education, critical thinking abilities, and a reflective approach to patient care. Our program aims to achieve the following objectives:

Career Opportunities:

Upon completion of the Pharm. D. program, you will have a wide range of career opportunities available to you. Some of the potential career paths include:


Our Pharm. D. program consists of five years divided into ten semesters. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical sciences, clinical skills, and drug discovery and development. Here is an overview of the courses offered:

Pharm.D. Five-Year Credit Hours Summary
Pharm.D.1st Semester2nd SemesterTotal
ProfessionalCr. Hr.Cr. Hr.Cr. Hr.
5th (Final)181836
Total Credit Hours10197198

You can download the complete 5-year course details for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) program at IQRA University, Islamabad Campus by clicking on the link below:

Faculty and Staff:

Head of Department

Dr. Kishwar Sultana РProfessor, PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry 

Dr. Kishwar Sultana is a highly accomplished and experienced professor in the field of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. With over 17 years of academic work experience, she has made significant contributions to the department. Dr. Sultana has an impressive publication record, with 35 papers published in well-reputed W category journals. Her exceptional academic performance was recognized through merit scholarships throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Dr. Sultana’s expertise extends to supervision, as she has successfully guided 32 MPhil students and co-supervised 2 PhD students. Her dedication and passion for research make her an invaluable asset to the department.


Dr. Maria Mir – Assistant Professor, PhD Pharmaceutics

Dr. Maria Mir is a dedicated Assistant Professor with a specialization in Pharmaceutics. With more than 6 years of teaching and field experience, she brings practical knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Dr. Mir has an impressive publication record, including 11 peer-reviewed publications and 1 conference paper, with a total impact factor of 59 and over 800 citations.

Dr. Reem Altaf – Assistant Professor, PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Reem Altaf is an Assistant Professor with a diverse academic background in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. With over 10 years of experience in academia, she has contributed significantly to the field. Dr. Altaf has published 20 papers in well-reputed W category journals and has been the recipient of educational scholarships throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate studies. She has supervised and co-supervised numerous MPhil students and has also been involved in co-supervising PhD students.

Dr. Maria Hassan Kiani – PhD Pharmaceutics

Dr. Maria Hassan Kiani, an indigenous PhD scholarship holder, is a highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty member specializing in Pharmaceutics. With 4 years of teaching experience, Dr. Kiani has actively contributed to the academic growth of students. She has published 16 research papers with an impressive impact factor of 62. Dr. Kiani has also received recognition for her achievements through various awards and scholarships granted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Dr. Tabinda Azim – PhD Scholar Clinical Pharmacy

Ms. Tabinda Azim is a highly qualified and experienced faculty member at our university. With a Pharmacy degree and over 10 years of academic experience, she brings valuable knowledge to her role. She has also worked with renowned pharmaceutical companies for more than 5 years. As a co-author of the book “Hospital Pharmacy,” approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), she has made significant contributions to the Pharm D program curriculum. Currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Pharmacy, Ms. Tabinda continues to contribute through her publications in high impact factor journals. Her strong academic background and industry experience make her an asset in bridging theory and real-world application for our students.

DR. Muhammad Aitazaz Ahsan – PhD Scholar Pharmacognosy

Dr. Aitazaz is a dedicated faculty member with over 5 years of teaching experience. His MPhil research project was funded by the National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) for a total worth of 19.2 million. Dr. Aitazaz has attended the AASSA-PAS regional workshop on complementary medicine, further enhancing his research expertise in phytochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and herbal formulations.

Dr. Iter un Nisha – MPhil Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Iter un Nisha brings more than 7 years of social, clinical, industrial, and teaching experience to the department. She has actively participated in various national and international social projects, including free medical camps and health literacy programs in underprivileged areas. Dr. Nisha has also presented her research at two international conferences organized by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). She has published 3 papers and 4 conference proceedings, and holds various certifications from FIP.

Mr.Muhammad Adeel Afzal– MPhil Pharmaceutics

Mr. Adeel possesses over 4 years of clinical, field, and teaching experience. As an International Diabetes Federation (IDF) certified diabetes educator, he actively engages in drug awareness and rational drug utilization initiatives. Dr. Adeel’s experience and expertise contribute significantly to the practical understanding of pharmaceutical care and patient management.

Mr Muhammad Anis Ikram – MPhil Pharmacology

Mr. Anis brings 5 years of community pharmacy and teaching experience to the Department of Pharmacy. With a strong background in pharmacology, he offers valuable insights into the mechanisms of drugs and their effects on the body. Dr. Anis’ practical experience in community pharmacy enhances his ability to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.

Facilities and Resources:

We take pride in our well-equipped laboratories and facilities that provide an ideal environment for practical training and research. Our facilities include:

1. Pharmaceutics Lab
2. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab
3. Basic Medical Sciences Lab
4. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab
5. Pharmacognosy Lab
6. Computer Lab
7. Instrumentation and Quality Control Lab.

Collaborations & Partnerships:

We have established collaborations and partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations, providing research and internship opportunities for our students. These include Railway Hospital Rawalpindi, Hussain Lakhani International Hospital Rawalpindi, Chughtai Labs, and the Regional Blood Center.

Admission Requirement:

To be eligible for admission to the Pharm. D. program, students must have completed FSc / A Levels / Equivalent (including Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with at least 60% marks as certified by IBCC

Admission is based on the evaluation of intermediate marks, a university admission test, and an interview.

Student Support and Activities:

At IQRA University, we believe in holistic student development. We offer various student support services and activities, including sports clubs, environmental clubs, adventure clubs, media clubs, music clubs, and more. We also have an active Alumni Society.

For further information about the Pharm. D. program, admission requirements, and other inquiries, please contact the Program Manager, Ms. Sana Nigar Ayesha, at, or the Head of Department, Prof. Dr. Kishwar Sultana, at

Join us at IQRA University’s Department of Pharmacy and embark on a journey to become a competent and compassionate pharmacy professional, contributing to the betterment of healthcare.