Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Sciences

Total Credit Hours: 36
Total Courses: 18 (+18 Thesis)
Semester: 6

Duration: Minimum 3 Years


PhD(CS) Curriculum Plan
 Credit Hours Courses
Core Courses62
Electives 12 4
Research work / Thesis186+Research Work


Core Courses
CodeCourse Title CrHrs
CS 701Advanced Research Methods3
CS 702
Advanced IS Security & Audit3
CS 704
Ethical and Legal Approaches in Computational Frontiers3
CS 703
Theory of Advanced Computing Models3
CS 731
Optimization Techniques3
CS 729
Mathematics for Computing3
CS 750 Advanced Software Engineering Technology3


Software Engineering Specialization Courses
CodeCourse Title CrHrs
Software Engineering3
CS 740
Quality Assurance3
CS 741
Software Testing3
CS 742
Software Project Management3
CS 743
Agile Software3
CS 744
Component Based Software3
CS 745
Object Oriented Software System3
CS 746
Formal Methods3
CS 747
Software System Design3
CS 748
Cyber Security3
CS 749
Special Topics for Software Engineering3
CS 714
Computer Architecture3
CS 715
Modeling and Simulation3
CS 730
CS 713
Theory of Computation3
CS 752
CS 733
Embedded Systems3
CS 734
Operating Systems3
CS 735
Pattern Recognition3
CS 736
Digital Design3
CS 737
Grid Computing3
CS 738Parallel Computataion3
CS 751Special Topics for Computer Engineering3


Computer Science Specialization Courses
CodeCourse Title CrHrs
CS 711
Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
CS 712
Advanced Programming Techniques`3
CS 713
Theory of Computations3
CS 714
Computer Architecture3
CS 715
Modeling and Simulations3
CS 716
Computer Security3
CS 717
Cyber Security3
CS 718
Software Engineering3
CS 719
Computational Intelligence3
CS 723
Artificial Intelligence3
CS 724
Artificial Neural Networks3
CS 725
Fuzzy Logic3
CS 726
Database and Data Mining3
CS 727
Formal Methods3
CS 728
Machine Vision3
CS 730
Introduction to Bio-Informatics3
CS 732Data Image Processing3

PhD(Computer Science) Semester Plan


CodeCourse Title CrHrs
Year 1 Semester 1
1CS 7XXCore –I3
2CS 7XXCore -II3


Year 1 Semester 2
3CS 7XXElective-I3
4CS 7XXElective-II3
Year 2 Semester 3
5CS 7XXElective –III3
6CS 7XXElective –IV3
Year 2&3 Semester 4,5,6
7 Comprehensive Examination and Research Proposal