Dr. Nadeem Ahmad

Associate Dean / Professor

Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Chaudhary completed his dual PhD in Computer Science from Politecnico di Torino, Italy, and the University of Potsdam, Germany, in 2014. With over 20 years of experience in teaching, research, administration, and management, he has served in numerous national and international organizations. He currently holds the position of Associate Dean/Professor in the Faculty of Computing and Technology at Iqra University Islamabad. Previously, he worked as the Director of the People-Centered Technology Research Lab and as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of IT at the University of Central Punjab, Lahore. He also served as the Pro-Vice Chancellor and Professor of Computing at the University of Sialkot, where he played a pivotal role in corporate planning. His leadership roles include heading the Computer Science department at Superior University, Lahore, for two years and leading the Computer Science and IT Department at The University of Lahore for three years, where he established numerous labs, including a research lab for PhD scholars.

In academic leadership, Dr. Chaudhary has been instrumental in curriculum design, initiating new graduate degree programs across various faculties, and launching BS and MS Data Science programs in the Faculty of Information Technology. He has overseen the accreditation process for undergraduate degree programs from NCEAC multiple times, upgraded university infrastructure, participated in faculty recruitment, and established state-of-the-art labs. He has also revised curricula for various BS programs in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. His contributions extend to conducting faculty training programs, where course outlines were revised in line with ACM curriculum guidelines. He boasts extensive networking experience with research groups, industry stakeholders, and academia. He has been a part of various statutory bodies in multiple universities, serving on their Board of Advanced Studies and Research, Academic Council, and Board of Faculty. He is a program evaluator for NCEAC, an approved supervisor for HEC, and a member of IEEE.

Leading the People-Centered Technology research group, Dr. Chaudhary has supervised over ten MS and PhD students. He has published 24 papers in esteemed journals and international conferences. His work on the usability analysis of mHealth applications culminated in a book chapter published in January 2022 titled "HCI and beyond: advances towards smart and interconnected environments," in collaboration with researchers from the University of Cincinnati, United States. His research primarily focuses on societal transformation through digital technologies, health informatics, mobile health (mHealth) applications, usability of health applications, standards and ranking of mobile health applications, user-centered design, people-centered adaptive interfaces, usability barriers, helpful interfaces, ICT for development, accessibility, and visual design.

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