M. Phil. in International Relations

M. Phil. in International Relations is a program of study which seeks to equip students with analytical tools in an academically rigorous environment to adequately comprehend and cope with the growing linkages between national and international political scenes. This program of study is interdisciplinary in approach; it draws on other social and natural science disciplines to gain a wholesome understanding of the complex national and international political processes in the world.The purpose of this degree program is to prepare graduates for higher studies in International Relations and other related fields and broaden their career options in an increasingly competitive global marketplace through a rigorous and coherent training. The graduates of this course of study shall be prepared for leadership positions in both national and international organizations focusing on different areas, including teaching, research, consultancy, governance, human rights, education, business, development, etc. Both fresh graduates and mid-career professionals shall equally find this degree program rewarding in terms of their intellectual and professional growth.Admission Criteria The minimum admission criteria include: a) 16-year of education from a recognized university in International Relations, Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, Defense and Strategic Studies, Diplomatic Studies, International Studies, or in a relevant field; b) 2.5 CGPA or second division; and c) admission test. Admission shall be granted on basis of academic record, admission test and interview .GAT-General Test with a minimum score of 50 is required at the time of admission.Program Requirements The degree requirements include the completion of 36 credit hours, including a minimum of 27 credit hours of course work and 9 credit hours of thesis. The minimum 27 credit hours of course work includes three compulsory courses and six optional courses. An M. Phil. student may take one course in other M. Phil. programs in social and management sciences; however, the prior approval of the department is necessary. Each M. Phil. course is of 3 credit hours. A brief roadmap of the M. Phil. program is provided below for the guidance of students.
Total Credit Hours 30
Total Courses 10
Duration 1.5 years

M.Phil. (IR) Curriculum Plan:

Course Category CrHrs Courses
Core Courses 9 3
Electives 15 5
Thesis/Courses 6 Optional
Total 30

Core Courses

Code Course Title CrHr
IDS610 Advanced Research Methods 3
IR611 Theories of International Relations 3
IR612 Globalization: Philosophical Issues, Theories and Evidence 3

Elective Courses

CodeCourse TitleCrHr
IR614 International Systems: Rise and Expansion3
IR615 Global Security3
IR616 Global Political Economy3
IR620 Foreign Policy of Pakistan3
IR621 US Foreign Policy3
IR622 International Relations of Developing Countries3
IR630 Politics of Developing Nations3
IR631 Global Development: Theory and Evidence3
IR632 Politics of Development3
IR633 Global Poverty: Alleviation Strategies3
IR634 International Institutions and Global Governance3
IR640 Conflict and Conflict Resolution3
IR641 International Negotiation: Theory and Practice3
IR642 International Terrorism and World Politics3
IR643 Civil Society and World Politics3
IR644 Islam and World Politics3
IR645 Feminism and International Relations3
IR646 International Migration3
IR647 Environment and World Politics3
IR648 International Law3
IR649 Politics of International Human Rights3
IR650 Seminar: International Relations3
IR651 Political Research: Survey Techniques3
IR652 Political Data: Statistical Analysis and Interpretation3
IR660 Special Topics3
IR661 Selected Readings3
IR662 Independent Study – I3
IR698 Independent Study – II3
IR699 Thesis3