MS and PhD Program

Research is evidence of an individual’s ability to conceptualize and carry out research and to communicate the results of that research in a coherent document. The quality research addresses the important problem of manageable scope in the chosen field of study, and makes a meaningful contribution to the profession’s theory or practice. Most commonly, the work builds on previous research findings and involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of new data. Research is not merely the effort of one scholar working in isolation. Research scholars benefit immensely from the input and support of the supervisor, and administrators. IQRA University is committed to the preservation and dissemination of the research contributions of its students. Our research requirements are established by keeping quality research commitment in mind. Our MS/Ph.D program is designed to make the research of the students as efficient as possible.

The purpose of MS/Ph.D degree is to encourage the students who have contributed significantly in their fields by using the path of research. This MS/Ph.D program aims to develop research and development activities that shall create highly qualified human resources in the field of management sciences. This increased intellectual activity will enhance the capabilities of the scholars in both the educational and industrial sectors, and help the country in meeting the demands of the global knowledge-economy. The scholars engaged in MS/Ph.D program will not only work on conceptual principles but will also seek for practical solutions to address the social and economic and managerial problems currently faced by our nation.

The objective of MS/Ph.D degree is to encourage the research process in Pakistan and also to provide a quality research work. This will bridge the gap between educational institutes and the industry. The research of the students will help the industry in improving their work, as well as help the service industry in increasing the quality of their employees. And to generate vast thoughts to over come the current crisis faced by the country.

MS Program

Admission Requirements

For MS Degree, the applicant must have 16 years of education in the relevant field, with a minimum 2nd division, from an HEC recognized university. GAT-General Test with a minimum score of 50 is required at the time of admission

Iqra University allows credit(s) transfer from HEC recognized universities within/outside of Pakistan.

Credit Requirements

MS candidate is required to earn a total of 30 credit hours comprising of the followings:

Category CrHr
Core Courses 12
Specialization 12
Thesis 06
Total 30
  • Thesis will be kept as optional and can be replaced by two courses.

  • Core Courses

Students of the MS program will need to complete 12 CrHr from this list.

Code Course Title CrHr
MGT601 Advanced Research Methods 3
MGT602 Strategic Management 3
MGT603 Straregic Finance 3
MGT604 Strategic Marketing 3


Code Course Title CrHr
MGT610 Leadership & Motivation 3
MGT611Strategic Management and Public Policy 3
MGT612Firm Competitiveness & Industrialization 3
MGT613Philosophical Issues in Manaement 3
MGT614Global Innovation Management 3
MGT615Entrepreneurship & Innovation3
MGT616International Business Strategy3
MGT617Advance Topics in Management/ Strategic Management3
MGT618Seminar in Management/ Strategic Management 3
MGT619Selected Readings in Management/ Strategic Management  

Human Resource Management

Code Course Title CrHr
MGT620 Performance & Compensation Management 3
MGT621Global HRM Practices 3
MGT622Employees relationship Management 3
MGT623 Industrial Relationship & Corporate Strategy 3
MGT624Organizational Change and Knowledge Management 3
MGT625Workforce Diversity and Organizational Development3
MGT626Advanced Topics in HRM3
MGT627Seminar in HRM3
MGT628Selected Readings in HRM3


Code Course Title CrHr
FIN630 Financial Theory and Corporate Decisions 3
FIN631 International Financial Management 3
FIN632 Asset Allocation & Portfolio Theory 3
FIN633 Investment Theory 3
FIN634 Advance Corporate Finance 3
FIN635 Financial Risk Management 3
FIN636 Financial Markets and Institutioins 3
FIN637 Advance Topics in Finance 3
FIN638 Special Topics in Finance 3
FIN639 Selected Readings in Finance 3


Code Course Title CrHr
MKT640 Marketing Theory and Strategy 3
MKT641 Customer Relationship Management 3
MKT642 Corporate Brand Management 3
MKT643 Social Media & Online Marketing 3
MKT644 Tourism Marketing 3
MKT645 Retail Marketing 3
MKT646 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
MKT647 Seminar in Marketing 3
MKT648 Advance Topics in Marketing 3
MKT649 Selected Readings in Marketing 3

Ph.D Program

Admission Requirements

For Ph.D Degree, the applicant must have relevant MS degree from an HEC recognized university, or equivalent, with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0 or 1st division. An applicant with 1st class Masters Degree from a foreign recognized university or applicant with MBA degree (with 90 credit hours) from HEC recognized university with CGPA 3.00/4.00 or 1st division, having rich experience, may also be considered for admission.

Iqra University allows credit(s) transfer from HEC recognized universities within/outside of Pakistan.

Credit Requirements
A total of 36 credit hours must be earned comprising of the followings:

Category CrHr
Core Courses 09
Elective Courses 09
Research Work (Thesis) 18
Total 36

Semester Plan

  • Semester 1
Code Course title CrHr
MGT814 The Philosophy of Social Thought 3
MGT822 Interdisciplinary Seminar 3
  Total 6
  • Semester 2
Code Course title CrHr
MGT821 Contemporary Techniques in Research Methodology 3
MGT811 Directed Study I 3
  Total 6
  • Semester 3
Code Course title CrHr
MGT813 Advanced Statistical Modeling 3
MGT812 Directed Study II 3
  Total 6
  • Semester 4,5 & 6
Code Course title CrHr
MGT831 Dissertation 18