1. For online teaching the University will follow the timetable for the Spring 2020 semester.
  2. The teacher will upload the course outline on the Google Classroom.
  3. The teacher will cover the topics which were supposed to be covered after the midterm week.
  4. For one and a half hour class, the time duration of the recorded lecture will be 50-60 minutes. The remaining time is for online interaction (Q&A) between the teacher and students on the Message Board of Google Classroom.
  5. The 3-hour lecture will be recorded in two parts, part 1 and part 2. The teacher will be available for Q&A during the last 40-50 minutes.
  6. The teacher can record his/her lecture in both video and audio formats.
  7. The faculty members can upload their lecture at the time of their choosing but before the class session. However, they will be available for Q&A during the time period specified for this purpose as per timetable.
  8. The teacher has to upload the recorded lecture well ahead of the class time. The timetable does not mean that students will only listen to the recorded lecture at the class time mentioned in the timetable. A student can listen to it anytime. However, the teacher will be available for interaction (Q&A) at a particular time; he/she cannot be officially required to keep answering questions all day long. However, if a student sends a question after the class timings, the teacher can respond to it at the time of his/her choosing but not later than the end of the next class session. Hence, both the teacher and students will have the flexibility. The teacher can interact with the students for as long as he/she and students deem fit. However, there has to be an official time slot for Q&A.
  9. The students may ask questions on the Message Board or any other means of communication.  The teacher is, however, not obligated to immediately answer the questions he/she receives at the time other than the interaction time (Q&A).
  10. The students will be apprised of the assessment mechanisms in due course of time.