Computing and Technology

The Department of Computing and Technology offers BS in Computer Sciences and Telecommunication & Networks, both in morning and evening timings. The Department has also started a strong postgraduate degree program of three and a half years for non-computer and computer graduates. By providing a diverse range of contents in our program, we are trying to make sure that our students are fit for various career opportunities, all of which are exciting, rewarding, and greatly needed for our rapidly developing country. Depending upon their choice, they may either join field jobs, such as Software Engineers, Sales Managers, Hardware and Software Vendors, Consultants, Programmers, etc., or work in academic institutions as researchers or teachers.

The Objectives of the Computer Science Department are:

      To provide high quality, comprehensive educational programs and services; educational and training opportunities that are adaptable to changing needs.
      To provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills and ability to think critically.
      To understand and respect differences and diversity; and humane decision-making.
      To cultivate adaptability for the workplace and participation in society as responsible citizens.
      To relate fundamental concepts to practical applications and to prepare students for employment in a wide range of context or for further study and a career where IT knowledge and skills are applied.
      To enable students to engage with life-long learning and study and enquiry.
      To contribute to the growth and development of the computer and information age.
      To emphasize the importance of co-operation with local establishment and industries in Pakistan, in order to fulfill their needs through the preparation of qualified persons for consultations, training, testing, advising and also through cooperation in structure programs.