Program Computer Science

BS in Computer Science

Computer Sciences include the study, analyses, designing, implementation and application of what can be automated. It evolved as a result of the vast information revolution, which made it hard to escape computing and computers. Our BS program in Computer Sciences concentrates on programming skills in a variety of paradigms, operating systems, networking and databases. Hands on experience with various software systems, C, C++, JAVA, Visual Programming languages, Unix, Windows and Network tools are an integral part of the program. In addition, the present curriculum covers Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, and English language skills. The Computer Science program offers an opportunity for fieldwork outside the university.

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BS in Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the field of study which involves the development of stable, efficient and robust software systems according to the modern engineering principles. Our Bachelor program in Software Engineering covers various aspects of software engineering which include:

  1. Customer requirement identification, specification and analysis
  2. Software project management
  3. Software design based on the outcome of requirement analysis
  4. Software product development based on the detailed design
  5. Software quality engineering
  6. Software maintenance

Most of real-world software systems are either safety-critical or real-time in nature. For the development of such systems, it is important to apply engineering principles which are practiced by the engineers in the field. Our program also equips the students with requisite concepts in the supporting areas of mathematics, computer sciences and social sciences.
The increasing transition from manual to computerized system in Pakistan provides an opportunity to the Software Engineering graduates to apply the knowledge they acquire during their studies to solve practical problems of the industry. Over the last decade, the market demand to hire Software Engineers has radically intensified. In addition, the doors of higher education institutions are always open for Software engineers with practical knowledge to impart their insight of the field to younger generations.

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BS in Artificial Intelligence


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MS in Computer Science

Graduate Program and Specialization areas

The Department of Computer Science offers MS degree in Computer Science which is mainly based on the HEC recommendation for the same program. The whole program consists of 33 credit hours, however, the number of credit hours may be more in case students have not completed 4 years education after F.Sc/A-Level.

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MS in Software Engineering

The MS in Software Engineering program focuses on developing advanced knowledge and abilities in the design and application of software. The program involves the application of engineering principles to software development including design methodologies, operation principles, and maintenance and testing approaches. The MS in Software Engineering Program builds upon the BS in Software Engineering program and is aimed at developing professional skills in this discipline as well as providing opportunities for students to engage in and develop research abilities.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Sciences

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