How the program works
The Millennium Fellowship is a semester-long leadership development program that happens on
your campus. The United Nations Academic Impact and MCN are here to elevate your
leadership. Below is the three-step process to apply, and if accepted, engage in the program.
Additional details can be found in the FAQs section.

+Step Apply (as soon as you can) to become a
Millennium Fellow.
+Step 1B. If you want to curate the Millennium Fellowship
on your campus, in your Fellowship application you can also
apply to be one of two Campus Directors for your Campus

Note on deadlines: The next application deadline to apply for the program is June 30. The final
application deadline for the Millennium Fellowship Class of 2018 is July 15th. All Millennium
Fellows and Campus Directors will be announced by August 15th. Please note that this is a
selective program – while there is remarkable student leadership in every community, in 2018 we
can only select a small percentage of all applicants.
+Step 2. Convene, challenge, and celebrate.
+Step 3. Join our alumni community.