Orientation Fall 2020 Department of Social Sciences

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Blackboard Tutorials

How to Login on Blackboard with Iqra Official Email How to take Exam on Blackboard How to use Iqra Blackboard (Students) How to use Blackboard Collaborate For Live session How to take Quiz

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Fall 2020 Orientation, Dept of Computing and Technology

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Fall 2020 Orientation || Fashion and Design

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Teaching Guidelines Fall-2020

Iqra University Islamabad Campus Student Guidelines for On-Campus and Online Teaching for the Fall 2020 Semester Iqra University Islamabad Campus will adopt a hybrid model of teaching in the Fall 2020 semester. This model involves on-campus and online teaching. The timetable for the Fall 2020 semester will be followed for both on-campus and online classes. [...]

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Iqra University Islamabad Campus(Chak Shahzad)

Iqra University Islamabad Campus has extended its operation at Chak Shahzad Islamabad, for BS in Computer Science, BS in Software Engineering, and Bachelor of Business Administration.

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Terms and conditions for discount on tution fees Summer 2020 semester. Discount %Discription25% of Fee DiscountWithin 15 days of commencement of registration20% of Fee DiscountWithin 25 days of commencement of registration10% of Fee DiscountIn case of Installments (1st Installment paid within 15 days from issuance of fee vouchers)No DiscountAfter 25 days of commencement of registration*Discount [...]

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Final Exam Instructions Spring 2020 Semester

In regard to the final exam of the Spring 2020 semester, all take home exams will be uploaded on the Google Classroom on June 15, 2020 at 9:00 am.Each student will have one day (24 hours) to submit the answers of the take home exam of each course. He/she has to submit the answer script [...]

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Assessment Policy for Spring 2020 Semester

The assessment will be divided into two parts: a) Ongoing Assessment; and b) Final Exam (Take Home)The weightage of ongoing assessment will be 60%-75% marks; and the weightage of final exam (Take Home) will be 25%--40% marks.The ongoing assessment may include the following: assignments (individual/group activities, project and/or case study), quiz(es), class participation, any other [...]

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