Iqra University Islamabad H-9 Campus held its Degree Awarding Ceremony at the Jinnah Convention Centre here on Saturday.

The event celebrated the achievements of 600 graduates who completed their studies with dedication. The Chief Guest, Professor Dr. Anis Ahmad, Vice Chancellor of Riphah University, delivered an insightful address on the challenges and opportunities graduates face in a globalized world.

His message echoed with wisdom, “After graduation, now you are entering the world with enormous challenges. The real life has started now. You are in a time when the media has brainwashed you to leave the country which has caused an enormous amount of brain drain. Allah has given you the 3rd largest reservoir with enormous resources and a population that has a lot to offer. Your country needs you.”

He commended Ibrahim Khan, Chairman of Iqra University Islamabad Campus, for their outstanding contributions.

The graduates, including 4 PhD holders, 24 Master’s graduates, and 24 Gold Medalists, represented excellence in fields such as Business Administration, Computing and Technology, Social Sciences, Fashion and Design, and Media Studies.

Parents, educators, and university officials also joined in celebrating their success. Dr. Waseem Qazi, Vice Chancellor of Iqra University, congratulated the graduates and emphasized the university’s mission to nurture critical thinking and civic responsibility.

He highlighted Iqra University’s achievements that ‘In its 2 decades of establishment, we have achieved significant milestones, particularly by achieving the number 1 rank among business universities of the country by the Higher Education Commission and concurrently being ranked number 1 for the past 1 decade by Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee (CIEC). And the fact that today we have graduated more than 15,000 students. What’s more, we have graduated more than 10,000 women. Let that sink in. 30,000 leaders educated and their lives transformed.”

Iqra University aims at fostering a dynamic society through research, technical proficiency, critical thinking, and social responsibility. The Degree Awarding Ceremony exemplifies IUIC’s dedication to excellence and societal progress.