Program Duration

4 years (8 Semester)

Credit Hours

136 Cr. Hrs.

Welcome to the Bachelor of Fashion Design program at the Department of Fashion and Textile at Iqra University Islamabad. Our four-year degree program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive set of skills essential for success in the dynamic field of fashion.

Throughout the program, students will be introduced to fundamental concepts and techniques that form the foundation of fashion design. Starting with basic drawing and design principles, students will gain an understanding of the fashion industry and its workings. They will also learn essential skills such as draping, machine sewing, pattern making, and fashion drawing.

As students progress into the second and third years, the focus shifts towards nurturing their creative potential and individuality. Through various fashion projects, students are encouraged to explore their unique style and artistic vision. These projects allow students to apply their knowledge and skills in innovative ways, pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

In the final year of the program, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents through the design and production of a fashion collection. Guided by research and inspired by a chosen theme, students develop a cohesive collection that reflects their personal aims and ideas. This culminating experience prepares them for the real-world challenges of the fashion industry.

Our program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education, blending theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on experience. The faculty consists of experienced professionals who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Students also benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and resources that enhance their learning experience.

By pursuing the Bachelor of Fashion Design program at Iqra University Islamabad, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the fashion industry. Whether you aspire to be a fashion designer, fashion entrepreneur, or work in related fields, our program will equip you with the tools to succeed.

Join us and embark on a rewarding journey where your creativity and passion for fashion will flourish. Discover endless possibilities and make your mark in the exciting world of fashion.

Curriculum Plan


Cr Hrs

Bachelor in Fashion Design


Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design


Foundation Diploma in Fashion Design


BFD Curriculum - Semester Wise

Course CategoryNo. of CoursesCredit Hours
Mandatory Courses1337
Common Optional824
S.NoCodeTitleCr HrsCategoryPre-requisite
Semester 1
1FAD111Introduction to Fashion3Core
2FAD112Basic Drawing3Core
3FAD113Principles & Elements of Design3Core
4HUM111Functional English3Mandatory
5CSC111Introduction to Computer Science3Mandatory
6HUM112Personal Development3Mandatory
Semester 2
7FAD121Basic Illustration (Life Drawing)3CoreIntroduction to Fashion (FAD111) Basic Drawing (FAD112)
8FAD122Machine Sewing I3Core
9FAD123Pattern Making I3Core
10HUM231Communication Skills3MandatoryFunctional English (HUM111)
11HMT121Islamic Studies2Mandatory
12HMT122Pakistan Studies2Mandatory
13HUM123Introduction to Philosophy & Critical Thinking3Mandatory
Semester 3
14FAD231Fashion Illustration I3CoreBasic Illustration (FAD121)
15FAD232Draping I3CorePattern Making 1 (FAD123)
16HUM121Academic & Professional Writing3Mandatory
17HUM232Ethics & Social Responsibility3Mandatory
18SSC231World History3Mandatory
19Elective 13Elective
Semester 4
20FAD241Fashion Illustration II3CoreFashion Illustration 1 (FAD231)
21FAD242Pattern Making II3CoreFAD122 (Machine Sewing I), FAD123 (Pattern Making I)
22FAD243Machine Sewing II3CoreFAD122 (Machine Sewing I), FAD123 (Pattern Making I)
23HUM241World Literature3Mandatory
24BUS361Introduction to Entrepreneurship3Mandatory
25Common Optional 1 - Other Departments3Common Optional
Semester 5
26FAD351Fashion Illustration III3CoreFashion Illustration II (FAD241)
27FAD352Pattern Making III3CoreFAD242 (Pattern Making II), FAD243 (Machine Sewing II)
28FAD353Machine Sewing III3CoreFAD242 (Pattern Making II), FAD243 (Machine Sewing II)
29FAD354Draping II3CoreDraping I (FAD232)
30HUM 113Introduction to Sociology3Mandatory
31Common Optional 2 - Other Departments3Common Optional
Semester 6
32FAD361Pattern Making IV3CoreFAD352 (Pattern Making III), FAD353 (Machine Sewing III)
33FAD362Machine Sewing IV3CoreFAD352 (Pattern Making III), FAD353 (Machine Sewing III)
34FAD363Fashion Illustration IV3CoreFashion Illustration III (FAD351)
35FAD364Draping III3CoreDraping II (FAD354)
37Common Optional 3 - Other Departments3Common Optional
38Common Optional 4 - Other Departments3Common Optional
Semester 7
39FAD471Collection I3CorePattern Making III (FAD352), Machine Sewing III (FAD353), Fashion Illustration IV (FAD363)
40Elective 23Elective
41Common Optional 5 - Other Departments3Common Optional
42Common Optional 6 - Other Departments3Common Optional
43Common Optional 7 - Other Departments3Common Optional
Semester 8
44FAD481Collection II6CoreCollection I (FAD471),Pattern Making IV (FAD361), Machine Sewing IV (FAD362), Draping III (FAD364)
45Elective 33Elective
46Common Optional 8 - Other Departments3Common Optional
Total 12
Total Credit Hours136

Career Prospectus

After completing the Bachelor of Fashion Design program at Iqra University Islamabad, you will have a wide range of exciting career prospects in the dynamic fashion industry in Pakistan. Our program equips graduates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and creativity to thrive in various roles. Here are some examples of our esteemed alumni and their career achievements:

  1. Noor Ijaz – BTD Graduate Brand Name – Noon by Noorie Position – Founder and CEO Noor Ijaz founded Noon by Noorie, a locally inspired brand that explores Pakistani crafts and incorporates them into custom furniture pieces. Their handcrafted products are made with the finest local materials, showcasing precision, love, and unique designs. (Instagram: @noonbynoorie)

  2. Filza Marri – BFD Graduate Brand Name – Le Fil Paris Position – Founder and Co-Head Designer Filza Marri pursued her career in fashion and established Le Fil Paris. With a multicultural background and experiences in Italy and Paris, Filza’s design process reflects her diverse thoughts and intriguing approach. Her designs have even been featured in the popular Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” (Website:, Instagram: @lefilparis)

  3. Faiza Hashaam – BFD Graduate Brand Name – FH – Faiza Hashaam Position – Founder, CEO, and Head Designer Faiza Hashaam, a passionate designer since 2010, launched her eponymous brand in 2015. FH – Faiza Hashaam focuses on intricate detailing, stitching skills, and surface embellishments on exclusive fabrics. Her designs blend traditional and contemporary elements, creating unique and beautiful garments. (Instagram: @faiza_hashaam)

  4. Sundas Nafees – BFD Graduate Brand – Maria B Position – Head of Semi Formals Sundas Nafees holds a prominent position as the Head of Semi Formals at Maria B, a well-known fashion brand in Pakistan. With her expertise and creativity, she contributes to the brand’s success in creating exquisite and stylish semi-formal clothing.

  5. M. Umer Awan – BTD Graduate Position – Managing Director Shujaat Hussain – BTD Graduate Position – CEO Brand – Urge M. Umer Awan and Shujaat Hussain, both graduates of the Bachelor of Textile Design program, have established Urge, a brand specializing in traditional and glamorous women’s attire. Crafting exquisite prêt and fascinating semi-formals, Urge has become a sought-after brand with outlets in prestigious malls like Centaurus Mall in Islamabad and Giga Mall. (Website:

These accomplished alumni demonstrate the success and recognition that graduates of our Bachelor of Fashion Design program can achieve. By combining the skills, knowledge, and creativity gained during their studies at Iqra University Islamabad, our graduates have made a significant impact in the fashion industry.

By choosing our program, you will receive comprehensive training, guidance from experienced faculty, and access to state-of-the-art facilities. We nurture your talent, foster your creativity, and provide opportunities to develop a unique design aesthetic.

Student Support and Activities

At Iqra University’s Department of Fashion and Textile, we believe in providing comprehensive support and fostering a vibrant learning environment. Here are some of the student support services and activities we offer:

  1. Participation in Fashion Weeks:

    • Students have the opportunity to participate in renowned fashion weeks, showcasing their talent and gaining exposure in the industry.
  2. Graduation Fashion Show:

    • Our program culminates with a grand Graduation Fashion Show, where students present their creative collections to a wide audience, including industry professionals.
  3. Textile Thesis Display:

    • Students specializing in textiles get the chance to exhibit their innovative textile designs in a dedicated thesis display.
  4. Displays at Exhibitions and Expos:

    • We encourage students to showcase their work at various exhibitions and educational expos, providing them with valuable networking opportunities and industry exposure.
  5. Collaborations:

    • We foster collaborations with different embassies, designers, and labels, allowing students to gain insights into the fashion industry and work on real-world projects.
  6. Educational Trips:

    • Students benefit from local and international educational trips, which broaden their horizons, expose them to different cultures, and inspire their creativity.
  7. Fashion and Design Competitions:

    • Students have the chance to participate in inter and intra fashion and design competitions, challenging their skills and fostering healthy competition.

Admission requirements

To apply for the Bachelor of Fashion Design program at Iqra University Islamabad, students need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Academic Qualifications:

    • For Pakistani students: Minimum 45% marks in Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent A-level grades.
    • For international students: Equivalent qualifications as determined by the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.
  2. Admission Test:

    • Students are required to appear in the admission test conducted by Iqra University. The test assesses English language proficiency and analytical skills.
    • Additionally, applicants need to take a drawing test to demonstrate their artistic abilities.
  3. Document Submission:

    • Students must provide all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, at the time of admission confirmation.

Contact Information

For further information or inquiries, please reach out to our department through the following contact details:

Feel free to contact us for any questions or assistance throughout the admission process. We look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant world of fashion and design at Iqra University Islamabad.