Student Profile (University of Pennsylvania)

Dear Dr. Islam,

Adaab arz he! :)

This adaab has been arz-ed from the depth of my heart. I am working on an assignment based on Machiavelli’s Prince. We have to read 1000 pages on an average for our course on Politics and Public Leadership and then transfer it to a 1000 word scenario. It involves thinking, critical analysis, research and tools from previous readings. It keeps getting tougher every week. But no matter how tough a course, how rigorous the training, the statistical inferences or econometrical angles or research analogies we have to use– day in and day out I thank Allah for having directed me to getting a base from Iqra.

Iqra provided me with a world class education, the best of the best. And I can say that now that I am at an Ivy League. Which, very frankly, is just a brand name. I feel like transporting these students to a day in our undergrad lives and I’m so sure the Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Princeton undergrad will sweat. No matter how much we have to read, write, present or defend, there are some skills which can never be taught or learnt after a certain point in time. Iqra did that.

I thank you, and the amazing faculty you would go out of your way to put together to give us the finest. I look forward to giving back when I return. Had it not been for all the gifted professors, assistant professors and lecturers I had, I would not have been here.

Thank you, sir, from the bottom of my heart.