Bachelor of Business Administration

Mission Statement of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

To provide an opportunity for students to acquire the skills that they will need to enter in the market place. Enabling them to fabricate presentation, communication, interpersonal and analytical skills and to polish entrepreneurial and technical proficiency to make them significant contributor to the business and society.


Students joining this program will be taught and trained in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information will enable them to become successful members Technology which of any business organization. This is a broad-based, four-year degree program, which has been specifically designed to train the students to cope with an ever-changing business world. Teaching methodologies include interactive class discussions, case studies, article resentations, projects, reports, industrial trips, seminars, workshops and guest speakers. Mandatory internships offer students an opportunity to experience of the real world of business. Thus, the students will emerge as well-rounded individuals with experience not only in the intricacies of the business world but in the practicalities of life as well.

Complete Degree Plan

Curriculum Plan and Model

BBA-H Course Distribution
UM for University Mandatory 1337
CO for Common Optional 8 24
Business Courses (core) 25 75
Total Credit Hours 136

Semester Plan

  • Semester 1
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM111 Functional English 3  
CSC111 Introduction to Computer Science 3  
HUM112 Personal Development 3  
BUS111 Fundamentals of Management 3  
CSC104 Introduction to Maths(CO1) 3  
  Total 15  
  • Semester 2
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM121 Academic & Professional Writing 3  
Islamiat Studies 2
Pakistan Studies 2
HUM233 Introduction to Philosophy & Critical Thinking 3
BUS121 Micro Economics 3  
BUS122 Fundamentals of Marketing 3  
MSA361 Introduction to Statics (CO2) 3  
  Total 19  
  • Semester 3
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM231 Communication Skills 3
HUM232 Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
SSC231 World History 3  
BUS231 Financial Accounting Principles 3
Common Optional 3 3
Common Optional 4 3  
  Total 18  
  • Semester 4
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM113 Introduction to Sociology 3
HUM241 World Literature 3
BUS241 Introduction to Entreprenuership 3  
BUS242 Macro Economics 3
Common Optional 5 3
Common Optional 6 3
  Total 18  
  • Semester 5
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS351 Cost Accounting 3 None
BUS352 Principles of Finance 3
BUS353 Organizational Behavior 3
BUS354 Business Statistics 3
Common Optional 7 3
Common Optional 8 3
  Total 18  
  • Semester 6
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS361 Management Accounting 3
BUS362 Research Methods and Skills 3
BUS363 Operations Management 3
BUS364 Business Analytics 3
BUS365 Human Resource Theory and Practice 3
BUS366 Marketing Planning & Applications 3 Fundamentals of Marketing
  Total 18  
  • Semester 7
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS471 Research Project I 3 Research Methods & Skills
BUS472 Financial Management & Applications 3 Principles of Finance
BUS473 Supply Chain Management 3 Operations Management
BUS474 Islamic Banking and Finance 3 Principles of Finance
BUS475 Managing the Entreprenuerial Venture 3 Intro to Entreprenuership
  Total 15  
  • Semester 8
Code Course title CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS481 Research Project II 3 RPI-I
BUS482 Business Law and Taxation 3 HR Theory& Practice
BUS483 Organizational Theory & Design 3 HR Theory& Practice
BUS484 Consumer Behaviour 3 Marketing Planning & Applications
BUS485 International Business 3 HR Theory& Practice
  Total 15  


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA 2.5)

BBA for 14 Years of Education-B.Com, BA,BSc,B-Tech (3 years), simple BBA (2 years). This scheduleis applicable for the students with relevent and non-relevent background (i.e…14 years) of the subject area. The student with 15 years of non-relevent background will also be adjusted with guidlines of this schedule. This adjustment will be finalized by the Department head.

  • Compulsory Courses (Refer to C: 8a(1)
Code Course title Type CrHr Pre-Requisite
HUM111 Functional English core 3  
HUM231 Communication Skills core 3  
HUM121 Academic and Professional writings core 3 communication Skills
HUM241 Research Methods and Skills core 3
HMT221 Pakistan Studies core 2  
HMT231 Islamic Studies core 2  
CSC381 IT for Managers core 3  
ASC361 Business Maths and Stats core 3  
ASC461 Statistical Inference for Managers core 3 Business Maths and Stats
  Credit Hours   25  
  • Discipline Related Courses (Refer to C:8a(3)
Code Course title Type CrHr Pre-Requisite
BUS122 Fundamentals of Marketing Marketing 3  
BUS485 Consumer Behavior Marketing 3 Fundamentals of Marketing
BUS111 Fundamentals of Management Management 3  
BUS365 Human Resourse Theory and Practice Management 3 Fundamentals of Management
BUS352 Principles of Finance Finance 3  
BUS472 Financial Management and Applications Finance 3 Principles of Finance
BUS231 Financial Accounting Principles Accounting 3  
ACT431 Cost and Management Accounting Accounting 3 Financial Accounting Principles
ECO211 Microeconomics Economics 3  
BUS242 Macroeconomics Economics 3 Microeconomics
BUS241 Entrepreneurship Intermediate-mgmt 3 Fundamentals of Management ,Fundamentals of Marketing
BUS473 Supply Chain Management Intermediate-Mkt 3 Fundamentals of Management, Fundamentals of Marketing
BUS474 Islamic Banking and Finance   3 Financial Accounting Principles, Principles of Finance
BUS482 Business Law and Taxation   3 Principles of Finance
HUM232 Ethics and Social Responsibility   3  
HUM233 Introduction to Philosophy & Critical Thinking   3  
BUS471 Research Project I   3 Research Methods and Skills, Business Maths and Stats
BUS483 Research Project II   3 Research Project I
  Credit Hours   54  
  Total Credit Hours   79  


C1(c):Students with a 14 years education will ne admitted to BBA program( 75-78 credit hours)

8a(1): 25 credit hours of compulsory courses already decided by HEC

C:8a(3)i: 24 credit hours for four main Functional areas of Business (Mgmt, Mkt, Fin, Acct) 6 crhrs each

C:8a(3)ii:6 credit hours of Economics courses

C;8a(3)iii:6 credit hours of optional courses decided by the institute.

C:8a(3)iv: 12 credit hours of intermediate level.



Finance Specialization

Code Course Title
FIN501 Corporate Finance
FIN502 Working Capital Management
FIN503 Taxation Management
FIN504 Companies Law
FIN505 Treasury & Fund Management
FIN506 Security Analysis
FIN507 Project Evaluation
FIN511 Analysis of Financial Statement
FIN531 Micro Finance
FIN643 Portfolio Management
FIN531 International Finance
FIN563 Investment Banking

Marketing Specialization

Code Course Title
MKT501 Advertising
MKT502 Sales Management
MKT503 Brand Management
MKT504 Services Marketing
MKT506 Strategic Marketing
MKT507 International Marketing
MKT511 Consumer Behavior
MKT512 Internet Marketing
MKT571 New Product Development
MKT603 Retail Marketing

HR Specialization

Code Course Title
MGT501 Recruitment & Selection
MGT502 Industrial Relations
MGT503 Organizational Development
MGT504 Training & Development
MGT505 Compensation Management
MGT506 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGT507 Performance Management
MGT509 Human Resource Development
MGT511 Organizational Theory & Design
MGT583 Human Resource Laws
MGT584 Motivation & Reward Management
MGT585 Strategic Leadership
MGT586 Human Resource Information System
MGT623 Advance Organizational Development

Hospitality Management Specialization

Code Course Title
HOM501 Hospitality Marketing Management for Services
HOM502 Hospitality & Human Resources Management
HOM503 Competitive Strategies Hospitality Industry
HOM504 Customer Relationship Management
HOM505 Hotel Operations

Supply Chain Management

Code Course Title
SCM631 Procurement and Sourcing
SCM604 Strategic Logistics Management
SCM622 SCM Technology and Applications
SCM542 Distribution and Channels Management

Project Management

Code Course Title
PM501 Framework Standard & Time Managemen
PM502 Quality Scope & Human Resource Management
PM503 Integration Procurement & Risk Management
PM504 Monitoring Evaluation & Cost Management

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Code Course Title
INF501 Data Communication & Networking
INF502 Software Development Methodologies
INF505 E-Commerce Strategies
INF503 Visual Programming Tools MT
INF504 Technology Management
INF506 Internet Development Technologies
INF507 Oracle IT
INF508 Information Security, Audit & Control

Technology Management

Code Course Title
TM501 Principles of Technology Management
TM502 Managing New Product Development and R & D
TM505 Technology Forecasting & Assessment
TM503 International Marketing of Technology